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作者: 梁 梅 选自 译者: 爱尔兰UCD 赖小琪她和他默默地对坐着。房东进来问:“你们真的不租了吗?”他沉默不语,她摇了摇头,她和他就要离婚了,还需要租房吗? He and she were sitting face to


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作者: 梁 梅 选自 译者: 爱尔兰UCD 赖小琪



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He and she were sitting face to face. At this moment, the landlord came in and asked, “Are you sure you do not rent the house any more?” He kept silent and she only shook her head. They were going to divorce, so it was obvious that they would not continue renting the house any more. copyright verywen.com

房东开始验收房子,在房间里转了一圈后,突然尖叫起来:“你们把我家弄成什么样子了,墙上到处是铁钉,还让我怎么继续出租啊!” 美文网

Then the landlord began examining the house. After looking around, the landlord screamed, “Damn God! See how you have ruined my house? The walls are full of nails! How could I rent the house to others?” copyright verywen.com

他不得不开口了:“房间太小了,东西多了放不下,只能挂在墙上。”房东不听他说,转身“噔噔噔”上了楼。 本文来自美文网

He said, “The room is too small and can hardly accommodate all of our things. So we could only hang them on the walls.” The landlord did not listen to him and turned around up to the floor. 内容来自美文网

她打量着熟悉的家。四年前,她在这里做了他的新娘。新婚那晚,他对她充满了愧疚:“委屈你了,以后咱一定挣钱买大房子。” 美文网

She began looking around her familiar room. Four years ago, she became his bride here. On the night of their marriage, he felt deeply guilty to her, saying, “I feel so sorry to you for having you live in this small room. In the future I will earn a lot of money to buy our own house.”