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There was a man who had undergone numerous failures in his life. But he said, “One success is enough for me!”有一个人,一生中经历了1009次失败。但他却说:“一次成功就够了。”When he was five years o


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There was a man who had undergone numerous failures in his life. But he said, “One success is enough for me!”


When he was five years old, his father died of illness without leaving him any property. Since then, his mother worked outside while he had to stay at home and take care of his siblings. He learnt cooking since then.
5岁时,他的父亲突然病逝,没有留下任何财产。母亲外出做工。年幼的他在家照顾弟妹,并学会自己做饭。 copyright verywen.com

When he was twelve, his mother married another man. His step-father treated me strictly and often beat him when his mother was away.
12岁时,母亲改嫁,继父对他十分严厉,常在母亲外出时痛打他。 copyright verywen.com

When he was fourteen, he dropped out from school and began his life of roving.


When he was sixteen, he lied about his age to participate in the expedition. During the voyage, he was terribly seasick and deported back to his home ahead of time.
16岁时,他谎报年龄参加了远征军。因航行途中晕船厉害,被提前遣送回乡。 美文网

When he was eighteen, he married a girl, who, however, sold out all his properties and went back to her home several months after their marriage.
18岁时,他娶了个媳妇。但只过了几个月,媳妇就变卖了他所有的财产逃回娘家。 verywen.com

When he was twenty, he changed his job from electrician to ferry staff to railway worker. All his jobs were tough for him.
20岁时,他当电工、开轮渡,后来又当铁路工人,没有一样工作顺利。 内容来自美文网

When he was thirty, he did a sales work in an insurance company. But before long, he fell out with his boss due to the bonus problems.
30岁时,他在保险公司从事推销工作,后因奖金问题与老板闹翻而辞职。 verywen.com

When he was thirty-one, he learnt law by himself and began working in law with the encouragement of his friends. But in a trial, he fight with the litigant on court.
31岁时,他自学法律,并在朋友的鼓动下干起了律师行当。一次审案时,竟在法庭上与当事人大打出手。 www.verywen.com

When he was thirty-two, he was out of work and led a tough life.