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I went to hunt for a job in a magazine company. For merely five editing positions, there were more than 300 applicants.大学毕业后我去一家杂志社应聘。5个编辑岗位,报名者多达300多人。 After the written


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I went to hunt for a job in a magazine company. For merely five editing positions, there were more than 300 applicants.
大学毕业后我去一家杂志社应聘。5个编辑岗位,报名者多达300多人。 美文网

After the written test, only 50 candidates could enter the final interview. On the day of the interview, I rose from bed at about 6:00 in the morning and got well dressed in the suit borrowed from one of my classmates. Shortly, I arrived at the interview site without having breakfast. The company required us to draw lots to determine the interview order. I was the 24th candidate to be interviewed. Preceding me was the 22nd candidate who was a short and plain-looking girl wearing light blue casual clothes without using any make-ups to cover her freckles. Her plain looking contrasted tremendously with other girl candidates who were in good dress and make-up in the intensive atmosphere. I greeted her by nodding my head and got a shallow smile in reply. I asked her where she graduated. She dropped down her head and kept silent for a short while, and then told me in a low voice, “I graduated from a junior college, the only one who does not get a bachelor’s degree among the 50 candidates.”


笔试过后只有50个人进入面试。面试那天,不到清晨6点我便起了床,穿戴好从同学那里借来的西服和领带,早点都顾不上吃就赶到了面试地点。杂志社要求用抽签的方式来决定面试次序,我抽到了24号。站在我前面的22号是一个身材矮小、相貌不出众的女生。她穿了一件浅蓝色的休闲装,脸上的斑点都没有用化妆品覆盖。她素面朝天的样子与细细打扮的女生们和屋内严肃紧张的气氛形成了鲜明的对比。我向她点了点头,她回了我一个浅浅的微笑。我问她是从哪里毕业?她低头沉默了片刻,小声说:“我是从一所大专学校毕业的,是这50个人里唯一一个大专生。” copyright verywen.com

I did not expect the interview would last for such a long time. Two hours had passed but only 10 candidates had been interviewed. As I had stomach inflammation and did not have breakfast, my stomach started to ache gradually. Half an hour later, I could hardly focus myself on the book and large drops of sweat ran down from my forehead, making me be only able to lean by the table for a rest.
没想到面试时间如此之长。时间过去了两个小时,却只轮到10号应聘者去面试。由于没吃早点,我原本就有慢性炎症的胃开始隐隐作痛。半个小时后我已经没有力气把精力集中到书本上,大滴大滴的汗珠从额头上冒了出来。我只能趴在桌子上稍作休息。 内容来自美文网