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You are the only one who can make you happy. We have all heard that so many times in our lives.“你是唯一一个可以让自己幸福的人。”我们的生活中常常听到人们这么说。There are times it is a pretty t


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"You are the only one who can make you happy." We have all heard that so many times in our lives.
“你是唯一一个可以让自己幸福的人。”我们的生活中常常听到人们这么说。 copyright verywen.com

There are times it is a pretty tough pill to swallow. In reality, the people that surround you have a huge impact on your current mood. When your children are grumpy in the morning, you find a nice pile the dog left you over night, you hit the road and the traffic won't allow you your normal speed, then when you get to work and your co-worker called in sick... these are all things that might contribute to your overall Happiness of the day.


However, moods and temporary emotions are not the same as happiness. Happiness exists when you look at the overall picture of your life and you smile, that is happiness. You know those times when you can't wait for your children to go to bed, then later you check on the kids and you almost cry because they look exactly like angels... YOUR ANGELS, sleeping so sweetly and soundly. You can hardly remember a time of irritation with them. That is Happiness.
然而,心情和暂时的情感都是不能和幸福相提并论的。当你回顾自己的生活的方方面面,仍面带微笑,那就是幸福。是的,这才是幸福。你知道的,你没能等到你孩子去睡觉,但是当去检查他们睡得是否安好时,你几乎能流泪,因为他们睡得是如此的香甜,就像是天使……你的天使。你似乎不记得他们曾惹你生气了,这才是幸福。 verywen.com

As life progresses and changes, we realize that who we are, (what makes us, us)... that is what we are responsible for. We know that immediate gratification or irritation only pacifies or deteriorates our emotional stimuli short term. Our global view of how we see ourselves determines our state of mind. Our state of mind determines our Happiness.
随着生活的变化和提高,我们开始认识到我们是谁,(是什么造就了现在的我们……)……我们的责任是什么。我们知道一时的满足和烦恼只是使我们使情绪得到短暂的安慰或恶化。我们对自己的整体看法才会决定我们精神状态,而我们的精神状态又决定我们的幸福。 verywen.com