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Newland Archer, during this brief episode, had been thrown into a strange state of embarrassment.在这个短暂的插曲中间,纽兰·阿切尔陷入一种奇怪的尴尬境地。It was annoying that the box which was thus


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Newland Archer, during this brief episode, had been thrown into a strange state of embarrassment.


It was annoying that the box which was thus attracting the undivided attention of masculine New York should be that in which his betrothed was seated between her mother and aunt; and for a moment he could not identify the lady in the Empire dress, nor imagine why her presence created such excitement among the initiated. Then light dawned on him, and with it came a momentary rush of indignation. No, indeed; no one would have thought the Mingotts would have tried it on!

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But they had; they undoubtedly had; for the low- toned comments behind him left no doubt in Archer's mind that the young woman was May Welland's cousin, the cousin always referred to in the family as "poor Ellen Olenska." Archer knew that she had suddenly arrived from Europe a day or two previously; he had even heard from Miss Welland (not disapprovingly) that she had been to see poor Ellen, who was staying with old Mrs. Mingott. Archer entirely approved of family solidarity, and one of the qualities he most admired in the Mingotts was their resolute championship of the few black sheep that their blameless stock had produced. There was nothing mean or ungenerous in the young man's heart, and he was glad that his future wife should not be restrained by false prudery from being kind (in private) to her unhappy cousin; but to receive Countess Olenska in the family circle was a different thing from producing her in public, at the Opera of all places, and in the very box with the young girl whose engagement to him, Newland Archer, was to be announced within a few weeks. No, he felt as old Sillerton Jackson felt; he did not think the Mingotts would have tried it on! copyright verywen.com
然而他们这样做了。毫无疑义,他们是这样做了;因为阿切尔身后低声的评论使他心中没有丝毫怀疑,那位年轻女子就是梅·韦兰的表姐,那位家里人一直称作“可怜的埃伦·奥兰斯卡”的表姐。阿切尔知道她一两天前突然从欧洲回来了,甚至还听韦兰小姐(并非不满地)说过,她已经去看过可怜的埃伦了。她住在老明戈特太太那儿。阿切尔完全拥护家族的团结。他最崇拜的明戈特家族的品德之一,就是他们对家族中出的几个不肖子弟的坚决支持。他并不自私,也不是小鸡肚肠;他未来的妻子没有受到假正经的局限,能(私下)善待她不幸的表姐,他还为此感到高兴。然而,在家庭圈子内接待奥兰斯卡伯爵夫人是一回事,把她带到公共场所,尤其是歌剧院这样的地方,则是完全不同的另一回事。而且就在那位年轻姑娘的包厢里,她与他纽兰·阿切尔的订婚消息几周之内就要宣布。是的,他的感觉与老西勒顿·杰克逊一样:他没想到明戈特家的人会摆出这种架式! copyright verywen.com

He knew, of course, that whatever man dared (within Fifth Avenue's limits) that old Mrs. Manson Mingott, the Matriarch of the line, would dare. He had always admired the high and mighty old lady, who, in spite of having been only Catherine Spicer of Staten Island, with a father mysteriously discredited, and neither money nor position enough to make people forget it, had allied herself with the head of the wealthy Mingott line, married two of her daughters to "foreigners" (an Italian marquis and an English banker), and put the crowning touch to her audacities by building a large house of pale cream-coloured stone (when brown sandstone seemed as much the only wear as a frock-coat in the afternoon) in an inaccessible wilderness near the Central Park.
他当然知道,男人敢做的任何事(第五大街范围之内),老曼森·明戈特太太这位女族长都敢做。他一向崇拜这位高大刚毅的老夫人,尽管她原来不过是斯塔腾岛的凯瑟琳·斯派塞,有一位神秘的名誉扫地的父亲,那件事无论金钱还是地位都难以让人们忘记。然而,她却与富有的明戈特家族的领头人联了姻,把两个女儿嫁给了 “外国人”(一个意大利侯爵,一个英国银行家),并且在中央公园附近无法插足的荒地里建了一所乳白色石头大宅院(正值棕色沙石仿佛像下午的长礼服那样青一色的时候),从而达到了登峰造极的地步。 www.verywen.com