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“要想出人头地,除了努力工作之外,没有任何捷径,更没有任何替代品。If you want to stand out among people, there is no shortcut or alternatives for you but hard work. 曾经有一个衣衫褴褛,满身补丁的男孩


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If you want to stand out among people, there is no shortcut or alternatives for you but hard work. verywen.com

There was once a boy in ragged clothes full of patches running to ask a building contractor who wore the finery with a tobacco pipe in his mouth in a construction site of a skyscraper, "how could I become as rich as you when I grow up ?"


With a glance at the boy, the tall and strong-build contractor replied, "I would like to tell you a story first about three diggers. The first digger liked holding a spade without doing anything but saying that he wanted to be a boss in the future. The second digger always liked complaining about the long-time work and his low salary. The third digger liked quietly devoting himself to digging without making any claims. Several years later, the first digger was still holding his spade in the original place and the second took an excuse of work injury for early retirement. Only the third digger became the boss of the building company. Do you understand the moral of this story? Just go to buy a red shirt and work hard." copyright verywen.com

The little boy was puzzled and could not figure out the implication of the story. So he asked the contractor to explain further. Pointing to the builders who were working on scaffold, the contractor talked to the little boy, "Look at those people! They are all my workers. I can not remember all of their names, and even I have no impression of some of them. But if you look carefully, you will notice a sunburned man in red among them. I notice him very early. He seems to be working harder with higher spirits than others. He is always the first one to work every day while the last one to leave. It is exactly his red shirt that makes him stand out among all the workers. Now I am about to ask him to be my taskmaster and I believe he will work even much harder from now on. Maybe he will soon be promoted to my assistant. copyright verywen.com

"You know, that is also how I got where I am now. I once worked harder and outperformed others. However, if I had worn a blue shirt as other workers did at that time, I would not have been noticed by my boss. So I wore striped shirt every day and worked arduously. Soon my day came, and my boss noticed me and promoted me as taskmaster. After I earned enough money, I also became a boss eventually.


Success can only be born in action. Working hard is all winners' shared and indispensable experience for achieving their dreams in their lives. The more you achieve from your hard work, the greater significance of hard work you will perceive. Life needs action to fulfill and I hope you can set up your goal and start your journey right now.

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