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一只杜鹃在树枝上发出阵阵哀啼,一只可爱的斑鸠听到了,便向它询问,希望能帮助它排忧解难。A cuckoo in a tree was crowing sorrowfully. Hearing this, a caring turtledove asked about her sadness in the hope


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A cuckoo in a tree was crowing sorrowfully. Hearing this, a caring turtledove asked about her sadness in the hope of helping her out.  内容来自美文网

Standing on a branch, the turtledove whispered to her, “my dear friend(注意中英文表达的差异), why are you crowing so gloomily? Are you worried about your love to be vanishing with the spring while the winter is approaching? Are you worried that the sunshine will soon be no longer warm?” www.verywen.com

The cuckoo replied ruefully, “How can I not feel sad at my current poor situation? You see, this spring I was in a happy love, and soon had my own babies. Unexpectedly my children were unwilling to recognize me as their mother. Is this the gratefulness from children that every mother has been awaiting for?When seeing a mother duck crowded around intimately by her baby ducks and the chicks rushing to their mother joyfully with a simple call from the hen, how could I not feel jealous? But for me, I am alone and very lonely. I never feel the love from my children. ”

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The turtledove replied with great sympathy, “My poor friend, I feel so sorry to hear that. If my children are not filial to me, I can by no means bear it even if it happens fairly often. But you say you have babies. However, I have not seen your nest until now! As far as I can remember, you are always flying here and there.” 本文来自美文网

The cuckoo explained with disdainfulness, “It’s literally a waste of time and stupid to stay in the nest and hatch eggs. Instead I have laid eggs in others’ nests and let other birds to do the hatching job. copyright verywen.com

The turtledove mocked ironically, “If so, how can you expect any care from your children?”


It is a kind of guilt for parents not to give their children enough love and care. As a parent, if you do not bestow enough care and love on your children and create a warm living environment for them, and leave it done in others’ hands, then you should find no way to complain about your children’s apathy towards you when you become old because it is the result of what you have done!”

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