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Life is truly beautiful. Just look at the trees: The leaves are green, the trunk is brown and the flowers are colorful.生命确实是美丽的。看看那些树,绿油油的叶子,褐色的树干,五彩斑斓的花朵。I sat in


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Life is truly beautiful. Just look at the trees: The leaves are green, the trunk is brown and the flowers are colorful.
生命确实是美丽的。看看那些树,绿油油的叶子,褐色的树干,五彩斑斓的花朵。 verywen.com

I sat in the balcony of my house thinking about the beautiful redbud tree that was there, and the whiff of wet mud refreshed my memories again. I still remember that day. It was raining. I was staying in a house surrounded by trees. The sky was adorned with rain clouds. The eucalyptus tree in the garden swayed with joy and the air was filled with the sweet smell of wet mud. It was truly glorious.
我坐在家里的阳台上对着美丽的紫荆树遐想着,湿润的泥土气味又一次唤起了我的记忆。我仍旧记着那一天,下着雨,我正在一个被树环绕的房子里面。天空乌云密布,花园里的桉树欢快地摇曳着,空气中弥漫着甜甜的湿土的气味。那情景真是很棒。 copyright verywen.com

It was summer and we had vacations. I had had a lot of fun going for picnics, learning to swim and climbing mountains. It had been a wonderful vacation. School was just a week away and I was very happy; I would be in a new class. Well, let me not think about that as yet. I still had a week!
那是一个夏天,我们还在假期中。我的假日生活趣味横生——野餐,学游泳,爬山。那真是一个美妙的假期。还有一个礼拜就开学了,我将要去一个新班级,现在我仍旧非常快乐。我跟自己说不要去想学校的事,毕竟还有一个礼拜呢! 美文网

My friend came over and we were playing in the garden when we decided to climb a tree. It was a little slippery2 but I had to get up there and touch those tender green leaves. They are always softer than the others.
我的朋友过来找我,我们一同在花园玩,之后我们决定爬树。树有点滑,但我一心想要爬上去,摸摸上面那些更嫩的绿叶,那些叶子总是比其他的叶子更柔软。 verywen.com

As I tried to reach it, I slipped and fell. The next thing I remembered was that I woke up. I tried to open my eyes, or I felt that my eyes were open, but I could not see anything but darkness. I knew I was in the hospital. I could smell it but the darkness that I saw was weird3. I mean I had been in darkness before; however, even when it is dark I could at least see something.
我努力向上爬去,可是脚底突然一滑,摔了下来。接下来,我所记得的就是醒了过来。我试图睁开双眼,或者说我感觉自己的眼睛是睁着的,但却看不到任何东西,眼前一片黑暗。我知道自己在医院里,因为我能闻得出来,可是眼前的黑暗却让我感觉很奇怪。自己以前也曾在黑暗中待过,可是那至少也能看到一些东西。 美文网