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小编物语:或许你会有这样那样的憧憬,但别忘了,也许当下的生活才是你真正期盼的。Have you ever thought life would be better anywhere other than where you are right now? Maybe some of your thoughts go so


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小编物语:或许你会有这样那样的憧憬,但别忘了,也许当下的生活才是你真正期盼的。 copyright verywen.com

Have you ever thought life would be better anywhere other than where you are right now? Maybe some of your thoughts go something like this: verywen.com

你曾否有过这样的想法无论如何别处的生活都比此处的更好?或许你是这样想的: verywen.com

Life will be better once Im out of debt.

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I cant wait until Im retired because then I can do what I want when I want. 内容来自美文网

If only I lived somewhere warm I could exercise all year round and I would be so fit. www.verywen.com

If I could just lose 10 pounds I know I would feel better. verywen.com

还清债务生活会更好。 内容来自美文网



真希望生活在一个温暖的地区,我可以一年四季坚持锻炼,我将会更健康。 内容来自美文网



Truth is some of your problems may go away once you have met all of your if onlys and better whens but it wont make the perfect life that fairy tales are made of. New problems will arise and youll likely find yourself wishing for this perfect life to be different still. We can only imagine that the grass will be greener on the other side because its only when we live it do we actually see it for what it really is. 美文网

问题点在于许多问题会在你实现所有真希望和会更好之后得到解决,但是那绝对不是童话故事中制造的完美生活。新的问题会出现,你仍会发现自己希望对完美生活加以改变。我们想象别处的草地比此处的更绿,因为,只有当我们生活在此处时,我们才会知道它真正的样子。 内容来自美文网

Whatever ideal you have in mind about an alternate lifestyle, location, financial situation etc ... rest assured that each one will be met with its own unique set of problems. copyright verywen.com


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So what can you do about this? Choose to be content with what you already have. www.verywen.com

那你该怎么应对呢?试着满意你已得的生活。 www.verywen.com

Look around you and be truly grateful for all that you see. Realize that there are people less fortunate than you and right now, rightly or wrongly, they are wishing for your exact lifestyle. Think back to 2 years ago, what were you wishing for then? Where did you want to be? Odds are you were largely wishing to be right where you are now. Life happens so gradually that you tend to lose all perspective of achievements, growth and progress. 本文来自美文网



Its great to dream big. But those dreams should not cloud the greatness you have in front of you right now. Consider the truth in the grass being the greenest right under your feet.


有梦想固然好。但是这些梦想不应该遮蔽自己现在的成就。要知道现在你脚下的草才是最绿的。 本文来自美文网