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1. Our miserable, detestable, deplorable jobs If you love your job, great news. If youre like the other 95% of the population, then it sucks. Our jobs, although we may only be there for 40 hours a


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1. Our miserable, detestable, deplorable jobs


If you love your job, great news. If you're like the other 95% of the population, then it sucks. Our jobs, although we may only be there for 40 hours a week, can feel like a life-without-parole prison sentence. Like with prison, we feel trapped, hopeless, and doomed to a life we don't want. verywen.com


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2. Family stress 内容来自美文网

Having children is a true blessing and is the most wonderful thing in the world, but can also be (and usually is) the cause of an enormous amount of stress. Kidnapping, pedophiles, traffic accidents, injuries, and home invasions are all major concerns for any parent, but it's the whining, disrespectful behavior, tantrums, hitting, and lack of sleep that really gets to us.



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拥有孩子是真正的恩典,是世界上最美好的事情,但同时也可能成为并且通常是源源不断地压力的根源。绑架,恋童癖者,交通事故,受伤和入室行窃是每一个家长担心的主要问题。但是抱怨,不尊重的行为,发脾气,打架,睡眠不足的问题才是真正困扰我们的。 copyright verywen.com

3. Being apathetic 本文来自美文网

So many people have seemingly given up on ever having the life they want. Life truly wears them down and out and there is nothing but a shell of a person left. This is unbelievably sad but all too common. These folks are just going through the motions of life without any real direction, passion, or interest. 美文网

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如此多的人已经放弃了过上自己想要的生活。生活令他们精疲力竭,徒剩一副躯壳。这是相当可悲但同时又相当普遍的情况。这些人只是毫无方向、毫无激情的随波逐流着。 本文来自美文网

4. Being ordinary copyright verywen.com

The world needs more leaders, out of the box thinkers, action seekers, risk takers, and passionate people. What the world does not need is another average Joe living paycheck to paycheck. 美文网

平庸无为 本文来自美文网


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5. No direction copyright verywen.com

With no goals or dreams, how can we expect to achieve anything significant? Dream big and get big results. Dream small and get small results. Don't dream at all and get nothing.


毫无方向 本文来自美文网

没有目标, 没有梦想,我们怎么能成就大业?有小梦想就会有小成就。没有梦想就什么也得不到。 copyright verywen.com

6. Not having passion for something 内容来自美文网

When someone can find their real passion in life, that should be a momentousness event for them. Many people will go through their whole life without ever realizing what it is that gets their heart pumping, mind racing. copyright verywen.com



当一个人发现生活中真正的激情时,那一刻堪称生命的里程碑。大多数人终其一生都不明白什么能让他们心跳加速、大脑飞转。 copyright verywen.com

7. Being selfish verywen.com

Giving something of yourself without the desire for anything in return is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Our society has taught us a "what do I get out of this" mentality which is breeding a generation of 'takers'. What we need more of is people who truly understand the power behind selflessness.


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世界上最美好的存在之一是付出而不求回报。这个社会总是让我们关心“我能得到什么”,于是我们变成了"索取的一代"。我们更需要那些能够真正懂得无私的伟大力量的人。 美文网

8. Not having a release 美文网

With the constant stresses life places on us, we all need a release. Finding a hobby, activity, or interest can be a life saver. Take up tennis, join a local business group, or learn another language. Without a release, life will almost assuredly bring you down. www.verywen.com





9. Not bettering yourself

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Life is about growing, learning, and being a better person. Never trying to improve yourself is a guaranteed path to living a completely average life. Can anyone honestly say they want an average life? Of course not.




生活就是不断成长,学习,完善自我的过程。从不努力提升自我是通往平庸生活的必经之路。说实话,有谁愿意过平庸的生活呢?当然没有。 www.verywen.com

10. Being empty inside copyright verywen.com

If you are walking around feeling like there is something missing in your life, you are far from being alone. Sadly, many people will spend their lives feeling this way. Some fill this void with religion, some fill it by having children, and some even fill it with drugs or alcohol. www.verywen.com

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如果你走来走去总会觉得生活中少了点什么,那么你就离孤独还远。不幸的是,很多人终其一生都有这种感觉。有人用宗教来弥补这种空虚,有人用孩子,还有的甚至用毒品和酒精。 本文来自美文网