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If youre someone who aspires to something beyond the ordinary, you must have figured out by now that there will always be those who are jealous or resentful of your success. 如果你想不走寻常路,做


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If you're someone who aspires to something beyond the ordinary, you must have figured out by now that there will always be those who are jealous or resentful of your success.
如果你想不走寻常路,做出些非凡的成就,那你就要明白总有那么一些人会对你的成就心生嫉妒与怨恨。 copyright verywen.com

It doesn't matter that you've worked long and hard to get where you are, nor that you've made great sacrifices in achieving your goals. The "haters" will always find a reason to criticize and even condemn you.
无论你工作有多努力,或者你做出了多大的牺牲才获得了现在的成就,那些“恨你的人”总能找到理由来批评你,甚至诋毁你。 内容来自美文网

They're spiteful people who begrudge you the pride you have in yourself and the recognition you're receiving from others. They can't stand it that you're happy, fulfilled and achieving your goals.
对你心生不满的人看不惯你对自我的肯定,也见不得你得到别人的认可。他们无法忍受你的快乐、满足和成功。 本文来自美文网

These hateful individuals are unwilling to do the work that you've done; they rarely make the same kinds of sacrifices or put in the long, hard hours. They resent your success but are too lazy or spoiled to invest real time or energy in the pursuit of their own goals.
这些嫉恨你的人不愿意去做你所做过的事,不愿意同你一样做出牺牲,也不愿意花时间心血去工作,他们只是嫉妒你的成功,却永远懒得去花时间和力气去完成自己的目标。 verywen.com

It's true that we aren't always going to succeed in our ventures, even if we put in the time and effort. Results are never guaranteed and life has a way of throwing curve balls at us.
诚然,有时候即使我们付出了时间和努力,也未必能成功。谁也不能保证生活会是一帆风顺的,有时,它也会跟你打个擦边球。 美文网

I loved it when Tina Fey went up to collect her Golden Globe and held it high, saying, "This is for all the haters!" She's a good example of a talented, hard-working and successful person who's received an inordinate amount of negative press. Ms. Fey may be besieged by haters but she refuses to let them get to her.
我喜欢蒂娜-菲在金球奖领奖时说过的话,她把奖杯高高举起,说道,“感谢那些讨厌我的人!”蒂娜就是富有天赋、工作努力而且获得成功的好例子,同时,她也收到了无数负面抨击,但她从未让这些流言蜚语影响到自己。 美文网

The thing you need to know about these haters is that the only reason they behave this way is that you have something they want but they aren't willing to work for it.


The haters are convinced that you've been lucky or that you've had some unfair advantage but the truth is that your success is born of your untiring efforts, and it's these efforts that have brought about your "luck."
讨厌你的人总觉得你只不过是运气好而已,或者你走了后门,但事实是,你是通过自己的不懈努力才做出了成绩,这些努力才是你的“好运”所在。 美文网

The best way to deal with haters is what I call the "one-two punch." First, don't let them phase you. Be happy about your success and proud of your accomplishments. Let in the approval and the recognition from affirming, supportive people and never doubt that you deserve all this. The haters are angry, jealous people. What they think or say is ultimately meaningless.
对付嫉恨你的人的最好办法就是下面这套“组合拳”。第一,别让他们影响到你。尽情地为自己取得的成功而感到高兴和自豪吧,和那些欣赏你、赞美你、支持你的人在一起,不要怀疑,这些是你应得的。讨厌你的人都是善妒易怒的人,别去管他们说了什么,无论他们说什么,都不重要。 copyright verywen.com

Next, the more the haters harass you, the more you should be motivated to succeed. They want to undermine you but your response should be to work that much harder in order to increase your level of success.


When your reaction to their hostility has inspired you to achieve further success, you've transformed the haters' negativity into fuel for your creative fires. Not only can they not hurt you but they've inadvertently spurred you on to even greater heights.
你对待敌意的方式会激励你取得更大的成就,到时,嫉恨者的恶言恶语就会转变成熊熊烈火帮助你创造出更大的辉煌。这些欺负你的人再也伤不了你,反而会鞭策你更上一层楼。 美文网