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小编物语:27岁的人生并不如我所想象的那样。我没有意识到生活竟会有如此大的挑战性,最终还是阻碍了我个人目标和专业目标的发展。Life at age twenty seven is nothing what I envisioned when I was a ch


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小编物语:27岁的人生并不如我所想象的那样。我没有意识到生活竟会有如此大的挑战性,最终还是阻碍了我个人目标和专业目标的发展。 verywen.com

Life at age twenty seven is nothing what I envisioned when I was a child. I imagined by age twenty seven I would be in a serious relationship border line marriage, owning my own place, a successful career, being financially secure, and living life to the fullest on my downtime. The reality is before college my life was laid out with thirteen years of school then, after college other variables come into play such as figuring out what I want to do in life, coordinating my life with another persons life, unexpected set backs, and timing.


27岁的人生也远不如小时候预想的那么好。我曾设想过在我27岁那年会拥有一段正式的婚姻,有自己的房子,令人羡慕的工作,财政自由,过着自我掌控的日子。然而现实却是大学前一直住在学校,整整13年;大学毕业后生活开始变得迷茫,所有不安定的因素都开始作怪,一切都变得很混乱不安,我甚至不知道自己想要的是什么,怎样才能融入另一个人的生活,许多出乎意料的挫折,还有时间调度这一系列的问题。 verywen.com

Currently at age twenty seven, a quarter of what I envisioned, I am on my fifth job, took one year off to figure out what my purpose is in life, currently living with my father, not in a serious relationship, somewhat financially secure, and occasionally live life to my fullest on my downtime. Juggling important parts in my life is a complicated because I want to be well balanced in each category or else if you put too much concentration in one area you might get discourage with the results and burn out. The point is that I did not expect life to be so challenging with many more up hill battles ahead of me.


走到了今天的27岁,也算是有了当初预想的四分之一的成效。换过五份工作,用了整整一年的时间来考虑生活的意义和目的;一直与父亲住在一起,还未谈婚论嫁,财政上还算自由,偶尔也过过自己想要的日子。对我而言,兼顾生活的各个重要部分非常复杂,因为我一直希望在各个方面都能达到良好的平衡,否则你可能会由于太过于偏倚某个方面却得不到好的成效而失去勇气,甚至崩溃。关键是我从不希望自己的人生充满如此多激烈的挑战。 copyright verywen.com

I still dont know what I want to do in life, but I am realizing through my everyday experiences that I am slowly finding what makes me happy in life. Sometimes its a little ray of hope that carry you through the next day or the next year that eventually everything will work out in the end.

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我仍然不知道要如何规划自己的人生,但以每天的经验为依据,却发现自己正在慢慢寻找生活中能令我快乐的东西。有时候哪怕只是一丝微弱的希望也能牵引你走过明天,或是接下来的一整年。因为到最后,一切都会迎刃而解。 本文来自美文网