双语故事:理想的支撑 为成功找门路

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I have heard the story of such a religion.曾经听过这么一个宗教故事。Once upon a time, there is a Health and leprosy patients, the disease nearly 40 years, has been lying on the roadside, he said, ref


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I have heard the story of such a religion.
曾经听过这么一个宗教故事。 www.verywen.com

Once upon a time, there is a Health and leprosy patients, the disease nearly 40 years, has been lying on the roadside, he said, referring to such people to have the magic of the pool edge. But he lay there nearly 40 years. Still not to the pool half goal.
从前,有个生麻疯病的病人,病了近40年,一直躺在路旁,等人把他指到有神奇力量的水池边。但是他躺在那儿近40年。仍然没有往水池目标迈进半步。 copyright verywen.com

One day, God met him and asked: Sir, you have to not be healing, the lifting of the disease?

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Leprosy patients that said: Of course! Sinister but good people, they are after nothing but themselves, will not help me.
那麻疯病人说:“当然要!可是人心好险恶,他们只顾自己,绝不会帮我。” www.verywen.com

Hearing God, again, he said: Would you like to be the treatment?


We should, of course, to you! But waiting for me to climb over the past, the water dried up.
“要,当然要啦!但是等我爬过去时,水都干涸。” 内容来自美文网

God listened to the leprosy patients, then after a little angry, ask him once: You should not be healing in the end?

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He said: To!
他说:“要!” 内容来自美文网

God replied: Well, you now stand up on their side to come to the pool, do not always find some reason can not be completed for their own defense.
天神回答说:“好,那你现在就站起来自己走到那水池边去,不要老是找一些不能完成的理由为自己辩解。” www.verywen.com

Upon hearing this, and that leprosy patients are deeply ashamed and immediately stood up and went to the water edge, containing the heart of God with his hands a few water to drink. Twinkling of an eye, his struggle for nearly 40 years of leprosy even better!
听后,那麻疯病人深感羞愧,立即站起身来,走向池水边去,用手心盛着神水喝了几口。刹那间,他那纠缠了近40年的麻疯病竟然好了! www.verywen.com

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Everyone has an ideal, the success of everyone. However, if you have not yet reached the ideal, the success of far-fetched, you have asked themselves: I pay for their own ideals and how much effort? I was not always find an excuse for a lot of failure for their own sophistry? In fact, We should not make excuses for failure, we should find a method for success. As long as the efforts to development, the fate will always follow you.
理想每个人都有,成功每个人都要。但如果今天您的理想尚未达到,成功遥不可及,您是否曾经问过自己:我为自己的理想付出了多少努力?我是不是经常找一大堆借口来为自己的失败而狡辩?其实,我们不要为失败找借口,应该为成功找方法。只要努力去开发,命运将永远跟着你。 copyright verywen.com