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They#39;re gone now.他们已经走了。I stood in the driveway and watched my grown children drive off into the distance. I looked down the road until I could no longer see their vehicles.我站在车道上


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Theyre gone now.
他们已经走了。 copyright verywen.com

I stood in the driveway and watched my grown children drive off into the distance. I looked down the road until I could no longer see their vehicles.
我站在车道上,看着我那些已长大的孩子驶远。我凝视着那路的尽头,直到再看不见他们的车。 www.verywen.com

They live way too far away from me, I said to myself. When did they grow up and become parents of small children? Shouldnt that be me?


I slipped back inside the house and just walked through the rooms for no reason in particular. I was just missing them already and looking for signs of their having been here. There were pillows on the floor where they had been tossed from the couch and a few stuffed animals lying around where the children had been playing.
我回到屋里,只是漫无目的地行走于各个房间里。他们才刚走,我就已经开始想他们了,只好在屋里寻找着他们曾逗留的痕迹。地板上的枕头是孩子们从沙发上扔下来的,一些布绒玩具动物正躺在孩子们之前玩耍的地方。 美文网

I smiled at the little fingerprints on my mirror. I didnt wipe them off. I thought back to the time when I tried so hard to keep the fingerprints off the mirrors and doors when my children were small. Now, I wanted the tiny fingerprints to stay so that I could see them there just a little longer.

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As I walked around the house, I picked up a few items on the floor and straightened a chair. I decided to sort through the toy box and I found a flying dinosaur, a skeleton, and a Frankenstein that had mysteriously taken up residence in my box of toys.


I walked into the kitchen and there on the back of the sink was a bottle brush that had been left behind. Ah, even Tessa left something behind, I announced. Well, I suppose she had help since she was just four months old.
我走进厨房,水池后面有一个被落下的洗瓶刷。“哈,连特莎也落下了一个东西,”我说道。噢,肯定是有人帮她刷瓶子给落下的,毕竟她只有四个月大。 verywen.com

I wonder what else has been left behind, I said out loud to no one in particular. My husband heard me and joined the search for things left behind.
“我想知道还有什么东西落下了,”我大声地自言自语道。我丈夫听见了我的话,也和我一块搜寻那些落下的东西。 本文来自美文网

It seems like every time our family gets together something is left behind. When I call my children to tell them what they have left behind I am usually told, Oh, just bring it when you come, Keep it for me until I come back the next time, or Hey, I really need that, would you mind mailing it to me?
似乎每次我们家庭聚会,他们总会落下一些东西。每次我打电话告诉我的孩子他们都落下些什么的时候,他们通常会跟我说,“噢,下次你来时给我们带上吧。”或者“帮我留着,下次我回去再取。”又或者“嗨,我急着用,能帮我邮寄过来吗?” 美文网

Oh look! Heres Tegans tooth, I said to my husband as I picked up a ziplock bag with her name engraved on it. Tegan had a loose tooth and had managed to wiggle it out earlier in the day. Now, she cant put it under her pillow. I wonder if it will work if I put it under my pillow. The Tooth Fairy is going to be so confused! I laughed.
“噢,看!这是泰根的牙,”我边捡起一个写着她名字的自封袋,边对丈夫说道。泰根先前有颗牙松了,今早她成功把它拽了下来。“现在,她没法把牙放在她的枕头下了。我想知道,如果我把它放在我的枕头下,那传说是否奏效。牙仙子会很困惑的!”我笑了。 美文网