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“I can live for two months on a good compliment.“ – Mark Twainwords are powerful. they can create or they ca


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“I can live for two months on a good compliment.“ - Mark Twain 美文网



words are powerful. they can create or they can destroy. they have the power to chart new direction in someone’s life. the words that you speak today can offer encouragement and positive thoughts to another human being. or your words can send them further into despair. so choose them carefully.


语言的力量是强大的。它们可以创造,它们也可以毁灭。他们能够为他们指出生命里新的方向。你现在所说的话会鼓舞他人并让他们充满积极的想法,也有可能你说的话会让他们对未来极度的绝望。因此,三思而后言。 copyright verywen.com

Encouraging words build up the lives around us. and as you affirm others you will benefit. people who express heartfelt encouragement to others find it easier to express gratitude, feel joy and achieve success themselves. today, go out of your way to positively affirm these three people: 本文来自美文网

鼓励的言语可以促进我们的生活,赠人玫瑰手有余香。给别人由衷的鼓励言语也可以让自己更好的去表达感激,感受喜悦和获得成功。那么现在,就去鼓励以下这三种人吧: copyright verywen.com

A family member – words spoken by those who know us best and love us the most are the most powerful. they have the greatest potential for good or harm. if you want your child to turn out well, pull them aside, compliment them, and tell them why they make you proud. a short conversation now can have unbelievable, long-range benefits in the future. but our need to hear affirming words doesn’t end when we turn 18. so remind your spouse why you love him/her. or tell your parents how much you appreciate them. make the call today. www.verywen.com

1.亲人——从最了解我们最爱我们的人口中说的话是最有力量的,他们有可能获得最好的或最坏的结果。如果你想你的小孩能够表现的更好,把他们叫过来,夸夸他们,告诉他们为什么他们是你的骄傲,现在一番简短的聊天会在将来产生无法估计的、长期的益处,但是我们自己想听到赞扬的需要也不会随着你成年而结束。因此,告诉你的爱人为什么你这么的爱他/她,或者告诉你的父母你有多么的感激他们。现在就去说吧。 美文网

A co-worker – many of our co-workers live tragic lives at home. they smile on the outside, but only to hide the pain on the inside. build them up. be liberal with your praise. send an e-mail. write a short note. offer an unsolicited compliment. speak health and well-being into another’s life. you may have no idea how desperately it needed to be heard… 本文来自美文网

2.同事——很多我们的同事在家可能有悲惨的生活。他们可能笑的很灿烂,那也仅仅是为了掩盖心里的悲伤。让他们自信起来,不要吝啬你的溢美之词了。发个E -mail,或者写一个小便条,给出一些发自内心的鼓励。讲讲他人健康和幸福,你不会知道我们是多么的希望听到这样的话... 本文来自美文网

Yourself – don’t forget yourself. we need to hear powerful words of affirmation as much as anybody else. remember that you have the power over your own thoughts - choose to make them positive. speak kind words to yourself today and build up your own being and spirit. you may just begin charting a brand new path. verywen.com

3.自己——不要忘了自己。我们自己跟别人一样也需要听到许多鼓励的话。你要记住你能控制自己的思想——让我们保持积极的心态吧。每天对自己说一些鼓励的话,让自己充满自信并精力饱满。就像你即将开始一段新的征程。 内容来自美文网

I am a fan of simplicity. i encourage others to eliminate the unneeded things from their lives… but positive words cannot be on that list. too many people are counting on you.


我喜欢简单。我总是鼓励大家把生活中不需要的东西去除...但是鼓励的言语却不在此列。记住,很多人都在等着你去说呢! copyright verywen.com