A ot;Pearlot; in the Hair Salon 生活中的ot;珍珠

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在日常的生活琐事中"我"看到了一颗善良真诚的"珍珠",她让我打破思维定式,跳出自己设定的框架,学会放慢生活的节奏,轻松生活。你的生活中有这样闪光的"珍珠"么? 本文来自美文网

—by cabbage 内容来自美文网

i get my hair cut about twice a year, so making an appointment is a big deal for me. the woman who cuts my hair is a real sweetie and is more like a therapist* for everyone who walks into the door! it always amazes me that even though i don’t see her very often, she remembers everything about me. 内容来自美文网

once upon a time, i called to make an appointment and found that everything was booked. however, to my great surprise, a few evenings later she called to tell me that someone had cancelled his appointment and i could go. so, i made a mental note to bring something special for her when i went for my haircut. copyright verywen.com

on the day of the appointment there was a great storm. as i was leaving work, i picked up a hot chocolate and an extra large chocolate cookie to give my hairstylist. i was driving slowly because of the weather and i was sure i would miss my appointment. still, i wanted to give the hot chocolate to her. verywen.com

well, she was delighted to get the surprise and when i said perhaps i should make another appointment because i had missed the appointment and i had to go to the school to pick up my son. she just asked what time i needed to leave and promised me she would get the job done. 美文网

she did, and i did not only get to my son’s school safely in time, i was actually early!

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here is a pearl of wisdom that she shared with me on that rainy day, "i learned that the faster i get out of my own way, the smoother things will go!"sometimes we are our own worst enemy! 美文网

note: therapist n. (某治疗法的) 治疗专家 内容来自美文网