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Many people neglect this most important communication skill.许多人忽视了这一最为重要的沟通技巧。Do you know that we spend an average of our waking day communicating?你是否积压物资我们醒着时有一半的时


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Many people neglect this most important communication skill. 美文网

许多人忽视了这一最为重要的沟通技巧。 copyright verywen.com

Do you know that we spend an average of our waking day communicating? verywen.com

你是否积压物资我们醒着时有一半的时间是用来沟通的? copyright verywen.com

Of this communication time, 9% is spent writing, 16% reading, 30% talking and 45% listening. copyright verywen.com

在这段时间里,9%是通过写,16%是读,30%是说而45%是用来听。 copyright verywen.com

Immediately after hearing something, most of us can recall only 50% of what we hear. Within two to eight weeks, we can recall only 25% or less of the original message.Our mental attitudes reduce our ability to retain what we hear. 本文来自美文网



Some suggestions to being a good listener are mentioned below. 本文来自美文网

以下是关于怎样做个好听众的建议: www.verywen.com

First of all, stop talking—you cant listen while you are talking. verywen.com

首先,停止讲话——你说话时是无法听。 美文网

Ask questions—when you dont understand, when you need further clarification, when you want them to like you and when you want to show that you are listening. 美文网


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Dont interrupt—give them time to say what they have to say. 美文网

不要打岔——给他们时间说他们必须说的一切。 内容来自美文网

Concentrate on what they are saying—actively focus your attention on their words, their ideas and their feelings as they relate to the subject. www.verywen.com



Look at the prospect—by looking, it gives them confidence that you are, in fact, listening. It helps you to concentrate too.


望着前方——通过望对方,对方就更有信心,说明你正听他说话,这也有助于你集中精神。 美文网

Leave your emotions behind—try to forget your own worries and problems. Leave them outside of the meeting room. They will prevent you from listening well.



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Understand the main points —concentrate on the main ideas and not the illustrative material. copyright verywen.com

理解要点——集中精力听主要意思而非说明性材料。 本文来自美文网

Dont argue mentally—when you are trying to understand other people, it is a handicap to argue with them mentally as they are speaking. This only sets up a barrier between yourself and the speaker. 内容来自美文网

切忌激烈地争论——如果你想理解别人哀兵必胜说的话,那么在别人说话的时候与别人激烈地争论就会成为一大障碍。这只会在你与说话人之间设下一道鸿沟。 verywen.com

Use the difference in rate—you can listen faster than you can talk. So use this rate difference to your advantage by staying on the right track, anticipating what they are going to say, thinking back over what they have just said and evaluating the development of their argument. You speak at about 100 to 150 words per minute, but you think at 250 to 500.



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Learn to listen and you will achieve a great success in your life. 美文网

学会聆听,日后定会成功。 内容来自美文网