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A proper quarterlife crisis involves a certain amount of disillusionment, ennui, boredom, fear, anxiety, and growing pains. But those terrifying sounding emotions are the ones that get all the press-


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A proper quarterlife crisis involves a certain amount of disillusionment, ennui, boredom, fear, anxiety, and growing pains. But those terrifying sounding emotions are the ones that get all the press-how about giving that growing some props for once?
You Know What Friendship Is
In high school or college, friendship was mostly a matter of geography-who you had classes with or who lived down the hall or joined the same club. Out in the real world for a while, youve learned that real friendship is made of tougher and-and dare we say it-better stuff. (Although just wait until youre in your thirties and everyones getting married and having kids…thats when the real test comes.)
Sunscreen Is Important
Right around age twenty-five, you start to be able to tell who wears sunscreen and whos a sun-worshipper-the sunscreeners still have dewy, youthful skin, while the tanners have the beginnings of crows-feet and brown spots. Which group do you want to be in?
You Dont Know Everything
Ever heard that saying, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. College makes you feel like youve got it all figured out, and that blinds you to the truth-which is that you know so little, you cant even comprehend how little you know. Luckily, the real world is quite handy at disabusing you of the notion that youre a twenty-two-year-old font of wisdom. At work, in relationships… the more experience you get, the more you realize how much more you still have to learn.
You Cant Pull Off Every Trend
Skinny jeans, thigh-high boots, hippie headbands, crop tops-you cant winem all. Youve learned which ones work and that its okay to abstain from the ones that dont.
Living with Five Roommates Is Terrible
It isnt one totally awesome continuous bohemian girl-power slumber party. Its just a pain in the ass. Youve resolved that youll share your next apartment with only one other roommate.
Your Degree is Meaningless
All those hours you fretted about your major and wondering if it was marketable enough, if your GPA was high enough, and if your extracurriculars were impressive enough…and now you know that most employers just want to see that youve completed something. Who cares if its a degree in drama or basket-weaving or P.E.? Nobody cares about the particulars of what you did in college, only that you went and finished.
Everyone Compromises
So you thought youd ride the powerful wave of your idealism into a job where youd change the world and find glory? Sometimes you have to take a job because you need health insurance. Sometimes you make the sensible, safe decision instead of the one that youre passionate about. Sometimes you make allowances in your righteous ideology to account for the fact that quite often, life is just about getting through the day. Congratulations-youre human.