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If you are feeling that life just cannot be any worse for you, it can be challenging to think positive thoughts. When we are stressed, depressed, upset, or otherwise in a negative state of mind because we perceive that bad things keep happening to us, it is important to shift those negative thoughts to something positive. If we dont, we will only attract more bad things.
It is often very hard to think positive when so many things are negative, but I can assure you that someone, somewhere is worse off than you. We can choose to think differently by beginning with the smallest of steps.
If you start with one small, positive thing and repeat it during the course of your day, you will begin to move into a more positive situation: positive thoughts, feelings, opportunities and people will start showing up in your life. With practice, you will find that over time, you will change your outlook and choose to be happy, irregardless of the events around you.
Here are a few examples for you to practice. Say them out loud and with feeling!
1. Begin and end each day with a Thank you for this wonderful, glorious day!
1. 在每一天开始和结束的时候,说一句“感谢这么一个愉快的一天”。
2. When you see the gas prices hiking, say I am so glad that I am blessed to have a vehicle in which to get around.
2. 燃气价格高涨的时候,说“我很高兴我至少还有着这辆车可以到处兜风。”
3. When you are late for work, say I am so happy and grateful for my job as I know that many dont have one.
3. 上班迟到时,说“我很幸福并感激我的工作,因为我知道很多人还没有工作。”
4. If you are having health problems, be grateful for what does work: I really do appreciate my eyes that see, my ears that hear, my mouth that tastes, my legs that walk, my arms that lift, my hands that write, my mind that thinks, my knees that bend and my tongue that talks. The possibilities here are endless: insert what does work for you and feel good about it!
4. 如果你的健康出了问题,对目前所拥有的要心存感激:“我真的感激我的眼睛还能看,我的耳朵还能听,我的嘴还能品味,我的双腿还能行走,我的双臂还能抬起,我的双手还能写字,我还能思考,我的双膝还能弯曲,我还能说话”。这儿有无穷尽的种种可能:珍惜你所拥有的,并善待它们!
5. Write down what youre grateful for each day. In moments when youre feeling really down, read what you wrote previously. This will help uplift your spirits. If you practice this regularly, you will find that your list will get longer and longer.
5. 记下每天让你感激的事,每当你失落的时候,读一读你曾经写下的心情,这会让你从新振作起来。经常这样练习去,你会发现你所感激的东西越来越多。
The key is to move yourself into a positive thought and keep it there long enough to make it a moment of blissful peace. The more you practice, the happier youll be.