2019年11月12日 英语美文 暂无评论



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1. Balance is the key to life. Focus is the key to success. Contentment is the key to happiness.
1. 生活的关键是平衡;成功的关键是专注;幸福的关键是知足。
2. Learn to profit from your losses.
2. 从失败中学习。
3. Never forget the power of your words! Use your words to direct your life…tell yourself where you are going!
3. 永远不要忘记语言的力量!每天用语言来引导你的生活,告诉自己该走向何方!
4. Timeout is better than burnout. Learn to rest before you get exhausted.
4. 时间不够用总比精力不够用要好。在精疲力竭之前学会放松。
5. If you give much, you will in turn receive much, how much are you giving to others? How many people are you affecting…?
5. 你给予多少,就能收获多少。你为别人付出了多少?你又影响了多少人?
6. Focus on the critical tasks that will give you the results you need. Postpone everything else.
6. 关注能带给你所需要的结果的重要任务。其他事情都可以延后。
7. When you grow up, you will go up!
7. 当你成熟的时候,你就能高升!
8. Well done is so much better than well said.
8. 做好比说好要好得多。
9. When a door closes, jump through a window.
9. 如果门关上了,那就跳窗。
10. Become a master at something, anything.
10. 擅长做某件事,任何事。
11. You will succeed, yes, I’m talking specifically to you. The one reading these words right now.
11. 你会成功的。没错,我就是在对你说,在对那个正在读这些字的人说。
12. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
12. 慢慢适应你的不适应。
13. The questions you ask determine the quality of your life, nothing is more important than questions.
13. 你提出的问题会决定你生活的质量,没有什么比提问更重要了。
14. Many people think that they are buying pleasure, when they are really just selling themselves to it and purchasing pain.
14. 很多人觉得自己在购买幸福,事实是,他们是在出售幸福以换取痛苦。
15. If you give up now, you will never see your greatness.
15. 如果现在就放弃,你永远也不会变得伟大。
16. Control your focus, control your life.
16. 掌控你的专注力,你就能掌控你的生活。
17. You can’t make progress until you get clear as to where you currently are. Remember, success is not a sprint, it is a marathon.
17. 在你明白自己身处何处之前,你很难取得进步。记住,成功不是冲刺,而是一场马拉松。 内容来自美文网