伤心时不必独处 Be with People When You Are Sad

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There are times when we are faced with illnesses, disorders, disabilities some type of tragedy that causes us to lose contact with ourselves and the world in which we live. Our happiness begins to fade and our heart begins to grow heavy. This affects the way we think, live, feel and the way we look at life.
有时候我们会遭遇疾病,混乱, 残疾等一些灾难,这些灾难会暂时使我们迷失自我,并与这个我们赖以生存的世界失去联系。我们的快乐开始褪却,我们的内心开始变得沉重。这一切影响着我们的思维,生活感情以及对待生活的方式。
None of us can be happy all the time. During times of tragedy, it is natural and even beneficial to be sad, but not to hold unhappy, anger or any negative emotion that takes control. We must heal ourselves emotionally and spiritually.
Talk with optimistic and encouraging people for they bring a sense of hope into the world, a new meaning to life. They help you see past the clouds on a glooming day,they bring sunlight everyday.
Happiness is when you are with people who love you for who you are, this is the true meaning of love and friendship. Each day you are reborn with love and joy when you realize that you have people by your side that care.
当你和真正关爱你的人在一起时,这才是快乐,同时这也是爱与友谊的真正含义。每天当你意识到有人在你身边关爱着你时,你便和爱与喜悦一起重生。 www.verywen.com