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Can you be inspiring in 140 characters or less?
This year, Twitter surpassed 500 million users, and while tweets from such a large base are surely not all inspiring, wed prefer to focus on the ones that are. So we decided to highlight the top 12 tweetspiring nuggets of wisdom received from our favorite Twitter users in 2012.
1. Youre looking mighty good in the light that now surrounds you.
1. 周围的光环绕着你,你现在的状态非常棒。
2. Dear Life, thank you for clarity, good mannered strangers, cookies, social media and the wind.
2. 亲爱的生活,感谢你给我清明,感谢你让我结识有礼貌的陌生人,感谢你让我尝到饼干的香甜,感谢有社会媒体和风的存在。
3. Most of the great ideas we have in life are born out of the fleeting moments of stillness.
3. 我们生命中很多伟大的想法,都来源于沉思的一瞬间。
4. If YOU had a bad day, dont worry...we all have a re-set (Button) its called tomorrow.
4. 如果你今天过得很糟糕,别担心。我们都有一个重置按钮叫做明天,一直可以从新开始。
5. The healthiest response to life is joy.
5. 对生命最佳的回应,是生活得很快乐。
6. It is time to love your courage like it is the more precious gold that youve ever been given.
6. 现在是该你爱上勇气的时候了,因为它是你至今得到的最珍贵的东西。
7. Face your deepest fear you will see you are always have been more powerful than it ever was.
7. 直面心灵最深处的恐惧,你就会明白你比以前更加勇敢了。
8. Pushing ourselves to be the best is an impossible standard. But we can push ourselves, everyday, to be better than the day before.
8. 强迫自己成为最好的人,那是不可能的标准,但是我们可以督促自己,每天都进步一点点。
9. Owning your agenda again is the most important thing between those who succeed and those who dont.
9. 成功与不成功的人最大的区别,在于有没有一个长远的规划。
10. REMEMBER...always act like youre wearing an invisible crown.
10. 记住:要永远自信骄傲,就像你的头上带着别人看不到的耀眼王冠。
11. It doesnt really matter if your glass is half empty or half full. Be thankful that you have a glass and that theres something in it.
11. 不管你的杯子是半空还是半满,要心存感激,至少你还有半杯。
12. People will always follow the heart much more readily than they will follow orders.
12. 我们要时刻准备好跟随自己的心,而不是随波逐流。 美文网