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琳达·拉哲特曼(Linda Lajterman)在与丈夫和另外两对夫妇乘船游览的时候遭遇了她这辈子最不愉快的经历。半路上,她的一个朋友不理她了,而且永远不理她了。


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Linda Lajterman suffered one of the worst experiences of her life while on a cruise with her husband and two other couples. Halfway through the trip, one of her friends stopped talking to her -- for good.
琳达·拉哲特曼(Linda Lajterman)在与丈夫和另外两对夫妇乘船游览的时候遭遇了她这辈子最不愉快的经历。半路上,她的一个朋友不理她了,而且永远不理她了。
Ms. Lajterman says she has no idea what prompted the woman, who was one of her best friends, to cut her off. They helped take care of each others kids, celebrated family events together and shared confidences. After the cruise, which took place a few years ago, she called her friend and asked for an explanation, but received none. She says she was devastated.
I would have welcomed the opportunity to apologize or discuss it if I did anything wrong, says Ms. Lajterman, a 52-year-old nurse from Ramsey, N.J. Instead, it took me three self-help books and two years to make peace with the fact that someone I thought was a good friend ended our friendship.
There are 50 ways to leave your lover, according to Paul Simon. But how many ways are there to leave a friend?
正如保罗·西蒙(Paul Simon)在歌中唱到的,离开情人的方法有50种。不过,离开朋友的方法有多少种呢?
I know, its a terrible question. But think about it: Some of the worst breakups in our lives are not with romantic partners. They are with friends -- the people with whom we often share our deepest thoughts. Friends provide guidance, encouragement, laughter and a refuge. Losing a good friend can be one of the saddest experiences in life.
And yet, many friendships just dont last. Some simply fizzle out, victims of routine life events such as moves, job changes, divorce or a divergence of interests.
Others end badly. Rob Wilson, 53, a writer in Atlanta, saw a 12-year friendship abruptly end after he mentioned he was voting for George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election. Arthur Newton, 46, a hotel manager from Austin, Texas, had a female friend tell him she couldnt hang out with him anymore because her husband was jealous.
有些则是不欢而散。53岁的罗伯·威尔逊(Rob Wilson)是亚特兰大的一位作家。在2004年的总统大选中,他向朋友提到自己投了布什(George W. Bush)的票,之后两人之间12年的友谊就戛然而止了。得克萨斯州奥斯汀46岁的酒店经理亚瑟·牛顿(Arthur Newton)的一个女性朋友告诉他,因为她丈夫嫉妒,所以她无法继续和他做朋友了。
Michael Hassard watched a good friend run away from him -- literally. He had heard his pal had begun dating his ex-girlfriend, so Mr. Hassard, 39, a NASA engineer from Muscle Shoals, Ala., approached him in church one day to ask about it. But before he could speak, his friend turned and fled down a hallway, out the door and into his car. He and his former buddy never spoke again.
迈克尔·哈萨德(Michael Hassard)眼睁睁地看着他的一个好朋友从他身边跑掉了。哈萨德39岁,是驻阿拉巴马州的一名美国国家航空及太空总署(NASA)工程师。他听说朋友开始与自己的前女友约会,所以有一天他在教堂见到他时,想上前问个究竟。可是还没等他开口,朋友就转身沿着走廊跑掉了,跑到门外之后进了自己的车。两人从此再没说过话。
Friendships are such a nuanced and intriguing relationship that we even follow celebrity friend breakups, as we do their romances. Why else would we care about Mariana Pasternak but for her tell-all book about her former friendship with Martha Stewart, which ended after Ms. Pasternak testified at Ms. Stewarts 2004 trial.
友谊是一种微妙而动人的关系,我们甚至会像关注名人情侣分手一样关注名人朋友分手。如果不是玛丽安娜·巴斯特纳克(Mariana Pasternak)那本有关她和“家政女皇”玛莎·斯图尔特(Martha Stewart)从前友谊的“全揭秘”书,我们又怎么会关注她呢?2004年斯图尔特受审时,巴斯特纳克曾出庭作证,之后两人的友谊就结束了。
Its a myth that friendships last forever, says Irene S. Levine, a psychologist, professor of psychiatry at New York Universitys medical school and author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend. We are tied to our family by blood and our spouses by law, so we are often more attentive to those relationships. Friendships are relationships of choice, so we tend to overlook them, she says.
纽约大学医学院精神病学教授、心理学家艾琳·莱文(Irene S. Levine)说,友谊地久天长的说法纯粹是天方夜谭。她曾著有《永远都是好朋友》(Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend)一书。她说,我们与家人之间靠血缘关系维系,和配偶之间靠法律关系维系,所以我们对家人和配偶更用心;友谊则是你选择的,所以我们往往会忽视。
As a result, many friendships die from neglect, Dr. Levine says. And this in itself poses a very sticky problem in friendship breakups: How do you know if youre being neglected -- or dumped? What if your friend is always too busy to get together but always seems to have a good excuse? What if she never calls you, but seems happy enough to hear from you when you call?
And theres the rub. There are no rules or even societal norms for friendship breakups. Friends who want to split dont go to counseling or get a mediator or a lawyer, as divorcing couples do. And there typically arent a bunch of nosy relatives willing to intervene and relay messages, as there are when a split is within a family.
Also, dissolving a friendship is harder than ever these days, with so many digital ties holding us together, from social-networking Web sites like Facebook to stored numbers in cellphones.
Dave Nadkarni can tell you all about it. When he decided to end a relationship a few years ago with a close female friend he felt was spreading rumors about him, he stopped returning her calls, defriended her on Facebook, blocked her on his instant-message list, stopped following her on Twitter and changed her name in his cellphone to Do Not Pick Up. It was cathartic, he says.
大卫·纳德卡尼(Dave Nadkarni)对此深有感触。几年前他决定和一位他觉得说自己坏话的红颜知己绝交的时候,他不回她的电话,在Facebook不再把她列为好友,在即时消息名单上把她屏蔽掉,不再关注她的“推文”,把手机中她的名字改成了“不要接听”。他说,这真像是来了一场大扫除。
But it didnt work. His friend got the hint and stopped calling him, and he has successfully avoided seeing her in real life. But he still runs into her constantly online, every time a mutual friend retweets her Twitter posts or she leaves a comment on a mutual Facebook friends status update.
It sucks, says Mr. Nadkarni, 29, a sales rep for a security company in Las Vegas. Its like the dog thats stuck on your leg that you cant shake off.
So how do you finish off a friendship? Are some ways better than others?
你是如何结束一场友谊的?有没有什么好的分手方法? verywen.com