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1. Patience and perseverance
1. 耐心和毅力
Thomas Edison said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.” This is a truth that I have learned in my life. We often want results to appear overnight and we give up too fast when something does not work out the way we want it to.
When I started this blog I didn’t put much effort into it. I threw something together hoping that miraculously it will find its own readers and it will be a success. Of course that never happened. My first posts were not that great, but I worked my way to better grammar, a better writing style and better advice. Patience and perseverance were my allies in this journey. It took me almost three years to get where I am now but I have enjoyed every step of that journey.
2. Loosen the reins
2. 松开束缚你的缰绳
Do you like to be in control of your life? I used to have a real problem with that because I just could not loosen up in life. I had to have everything just the way I planned; I had to be No.1 all the time (your typical description of an over-achiever.)
The trick about life that I’ve learned is that we are never in full control of our lives. While we can try our best to be the best we can be, sometimes things just happen. They just do.
I do not have to be No. 1 anymore.
I do not have to leap over hurdles to be happy and content.
我没有必要非要跨越障碍才能感受到开心与自得。 本文来自美文网


3. Accept who you are
3. 接纳你自己
The biggest discovery that any of us can make is discovering who we really are. A lot of times we try to be somebody else because we want to portray a particular image in life. No matter how much you try, this “fake” personality will never work out and you will never be able to feel at peace and in balance with yourself.
When I gave up my attempts and accepted who I was (basically a nerd) I started feeling so much better. This discovery made me realize my strengths and feel confident around strangers and generally in any situation. Yes, I am not a social butterfly but I am also not the one who will sit in the darkest corner of the room during a party.
4. Listen to your gut
4. 听从你的直觉
One of the best skills that a person can learn is listening to him/herself. Listening to yourself will help you make friends with your body it will help you use your intuition and your potential to its fullest. The “gut feeling” can be the voice of God talking to you. It can be your unconsciousness or it can be both.
I am not the only one who was using intuition to make decisions in life. George Washington solved his most difficult problems during the Revolutionary War with intuition. His orderlies were instructed not to disturb him while he relaxed and intuited decisions. Actually according to one theory the founding fathers valued intuition so much that they have tried to remind us about it on the back of the dollar bill. The picture of the unfinished pyramid with an eye above it represents how important intuition (the eye) is in developing ideas or making decisions (completing the pyramid.)
我并不是惟一一个使用直觉去做出决定的人。乔治·华盛顿就是运用直觉才在革命战争中解决了许多重大问题。当他在放松状态下运用直觉去做出决定时,他不允许他的传令兵去打扰他。有一种理论就说,我们的国父是如此看重直觉的力量以至于他们将此印在美元钞票的背面来提醒我们。未完工的金字塔上方有一只眼睛,暗示着直觉(眼睛)在孕育想法和做出决定(完成金字塔)中的重要作用。 内容来自美文网


5. Always challenge yourself
5. 时常挑战自己
When we get comfortable with a certain way of life, we get lazy. This laziness keeps us from growing from trying new things and from living a more balanced and happier life.
One of the challenges that I place in front of me is to learn something new constantly. It keeps my life exciting, it opens new business opportunities and it makes me a more full person.
When I still lived in Ukraine, I found a job in a web design company. I was hired because of my English skills but words like “hosting” “html” and “ftp” sounded like a foreign language to me. During the first few days I was scared of everything because I didn’t understand what was going on there and what I had to do. In order to feel comfortable I decided to learn HTML and go through all the basic web tutorials that I could find. In a month I could create a simple site. I was comfortable talking to customers and I actually could guide them through the process of setting up a website and making basic customizations. That was a huge personal triumph.
These life lessons help me keep my cool in life and live in balance. Can you share your life lessons with me?
这些人生感悟帮助我过上了精彩而又平衡的生活。你愿意和我分享你自己的人生感悟吗? www.verywen.com