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1. Using your fingers 美文网

1. 用手指


This is the easiest way to apply a quick tint, but it also happens to be the dirtiest. Bacteria can cause irritated, puffy eyelids.


用这种方法涂色最容易,但也最脏。细菌会使眼皮发炎红肿。 美文网

2. Keeping old mascara


2. 用旧的睫毛膏 www.verywen.com

Mascara dries out within six months of its first use. Dry mascara can flake into the eye and cause an infection. copyright verywen.com

睫毛膏第一次使用之后六个月就会干掉。干的睫毛膏会脱落掉进眼睛里引起感染。 美文网

3. Never cleaning the vanity area up


3. 从不清理梳妆台


Its important to replace makeup after each use to lessen its exposure to airborne bacteria. 本文来自美文网

每次使用化妆品之后放回原处很重要,这样可以减少化妆品暴露在空气中细菌下的时间。 www.verywen.com

4. Storing makeup in direct sunlight verywen.com

4. 化妆品存放在阳光直射的条件下 本文来自美文网

Whether its in direct sunlight or a hot car, all that heat breaks down the preservatives that are meant to keep bacteria at bay. This fosters bacteria growth in products. 美文网

无论是阳光直射还是在热的车里,热量会分解阻碍细菌的保护层,使细菌在化妆品里繁殖。 美文网

5. Using makeup on the wrong feature 美文网

5. 化妆品用错部位 copyright verywen.com

The germs that live on your lips are different than those native to your eyes. So dont go testing your fave lip on your lids. copyright verywen.com

嘴唇上和眼睛上的细菌不同,所以不要在眼皮上试用最爱的口红。 内容来自美文网

6. Slathering on the eyeliner verywen.com



The liner glides on easily and evenly as you near, or even cover, the eyelid margin. But the closer you get, the more it clogs up important glands.


接近或直接画在眼睑边缘上很容易上色且颜色均匀。但越接近,越容易堵塞重要腺体。 verywen.com

7. Ignoring signs of eye infections 本文来自美文网

7. 忽视眼睛感染的迹象 美文网

This can only lead to worse consequences down the road. Its best to toss all products you used while infected. 本文来自美文网

这样下去只会让情况越来越糟,眼睛感染时最好停用所有化妆品。 verywen.com

8. Overusing mascara 美文网

8. 睫毛膏涂太多 verywen.com

Waterproof varieties often contain parabens, a preservative many people find irritates their eyes. verywen.com



9. Not taking the time to clean brushes www.verywen.com

9. 不花时间清洗刷子 www.verywen.com

All use and no cleaning makes brushes traps for bacteria. Bacteria can enter through a blemish or scratch. 美文网

只用不洗会使刷子变成细菌的温床。细菌会进入伤口或擦伤处。 copyright verywen.com

10. Sharing with friends verywen.com

10. 和朋友共用 verywen.com

Grabbing a friends product because you absolutely adore the color is a bad decision. Sharing can lead to conjunctivitis. 内容来自美文网

因为喜欢朋友眼妆的颜色就借用很不明智,共用会引发结膜炎。 内容来自美文网

11. Forgetting about contacts verywen.com

11. 忘戴隐形眼镜 美文网

Makeup can get trapped under the lenses and cause irritation. verywen.com

化妆品会残留在隐形眼镜下面,造成不适。 copyright verywen.com

12. Glamming up on the go copyright verywen.com

12. 边忙边化妆 内容来自美文网

This is a big no-no. You risk poking yourself in the eye. 本文来自美文网

这个坚决不行,你容易戳到眼睛。 www.verywen.com

13. Using an old makeup bag 美文网

13. 使用旧的化妆包 www.verywen.com

Dirty storage is counterproductive to the good practice of cleaning brushes and applicators regularly.


脏脏的化妆包会使经常清洗刷子和化妆用品的好习惯都功亏一篑。 美文网

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