Jogging Life:生活如同一场漫长的赛跑 你真的做好准

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Recently, I was running a race and thought it was over. The finish line was within sight, so I started my final sprint. As I cornered the last bend in the road, the finish line was not where I believed it to be. In fact, it was still a good half mile down the road. Since I had misjudged the end of the race, I had expended all of my energy and could only coast the remaining distance to the finish line.

This analogy holds truth for many things in life. Don’t misjudge the finish line in your race.
生活中其他事情也是类似的。不要在赛跑中错误估计终点线。 美文网

The Race Is Longer Than You Think

Success takes perseverance. And there are no shortcuts to hard work, dedication, and honing of your skills.

“The race is always longer than you think.” There is no such thing as overnight success. Yes, there are flashes in the pan, but they are gone as quickly as they sparkle. Make sure that you are ready to run the long race to completion. Here are 5 Ways to Ensure You Are Prepared to Go the Distance next page:
“赛跑的路程通常比你想象的要长。” 罗马不是一夜建成的。是的,也许有昙花一现,但是它闪光之后很快就会消逝。确保你做好了长距离赛跑的准备。下页有五个方法来确保你已经做好了准备: