心灵鸡汤: 你应该为自己感到骄傲的6个理由

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You have to be a smaller size. You have to burn more fat. You have to tighten your butt, firm your abs, fit into those skinny jeans, and do it all in 3 weeks! That just sucks.
If youre tired of hearing all of this, and hearing it over and over again, maybe you need to stand your ground, rebel, and go against the tide. You are so much more than just a size or a number, but living in a culture thats beauty- and body- image-obsessed isnt easy. In fact, its downright painful, especially if youre not a size 2.
Most of us werent even born that small! If youre tired of feeling bad, especially around this time of year when the weathers warming up and everyone is talking bikinis maybe you do need a new look, but this one should have nothing to do with your weight, size or shape.
This look takes cultivating whats on the inside. It means being fearless about who you are both inside and out. It means standing up and screaming at the top of your lungs, “Im not going to drop a jean size to be acceptable and valued, Im actually perfect just the way I am!”
Heres a few tips on how to begin:
1. Know your heart
Were paying more attention to external issues than we are to our hearts. Thats why people are dying out there: if we spent half as much time noticing and tending to our hearts, we would be a lot healthier emotionally. Think about how much time the fashion industry, the food industry and the cosmetic industry pay to convince you that youre not OK, and most people buy into it, hook, line, and sinker. How do I know? Because I buy it way too often as well. Invest in your heart—know your value and change your world.