2岁女孩可爱告白 你是最好的妈咪

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An adorable toddler has become an internet sensation for giving her mother a sweet and memorable video for her birthday - with the help of her professional photographer father.
In a YouTube clip that has been viewed more than 230,000 times, two-year-old Claire lists all the reasons why her mommy is the greatest mommy, stopping occasionally to try and count each of them on her fingers.
Hi Mommy. I just wanted to say. . . Happy birthday! she exclaims. I want you to know that youre the greatest mommy. I love you so much. Theres a lot of reasons why I love you.
Claire then goes on to list all the reasons why she loves her mother, starting with: Number one. You are beautiful!
The two-year-old is all the more adorable thanks to her bright yellow wrap dress and cute pigtail hairstyle.
Claires reason number two, which she says with a huge grin, is: You are amazing! Camera cuts between each phrase she utters show just how painstakingly her father, who goes by Daniel J, edited the video.
Number three - youre the best mommy ever, she exclaims, swinging her arms to and fro in excitement.
At number four, Claire struggles to count out four fingers on her hand. When she finally achieves this feat, she says loudly: Youre the best cook! while splaying her arms out wide.
The mood changes slightly when she says to the camera in a heartfelt voice: I love being with you. You work so hard and I miss you when youre gone.
Are you ready? Happy birthday!! To you, she sings. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to mommy, happy birthday to you!
“准备好了吗?祝你生日快乐!” 她唱到,“祝你生日快乐。祝妈妈生日快乐,祝你生日快乐!”
At the end of the video, Claire leans in close to the camera and whispers sweetly: I love you, before waving and blowing a kiss with the words: Bye bye!

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