Reluctantly to resist love and beauty

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The first National Day was not with the family. When I was near National Day, my mom called and asked if the National Day was going back. I hesitate. When I tho


The first National Day was not with the family.

When I was near National Day, my mom called and asked if the National Day was going back. I hesitate.

When I thought about it, my mom always said that I am a poorly sociable person. When I go to college, don’t always go home, I can’t go to school.

When I think about summer vacation, my mom said every day that I can't do anything except eat, drink, and play.

I think she often has a lot of dissatisfaction with me. "You look at people." "The people" are the powerful people I can never surpass and the objects are uncertain.

"Ah, no. I said it is good to go to the cousin's house!" I don't know how to face her attitude towards me. This decision makes me relax. The intimate cousin who has not seen for a long time is also the person I really want to see.

National Day is a big holiday in the year. I have already expected that I will encounter more tense road conditions on the first ride. The ride time is doubled. Fortunately, I am dizzy. I finally arrived when I was full of rebellion.

The big cousin two cousins and the little sisters are waiting, they are doing the friendship of the family, and take me to the local good guys in the next few days. Of course, it’s a joy to meet in a strange place. It’s another surprise to meet a familiar person in a strange place.

On the fifth day, I left with satisfaction.

In order to avoid the flow of people and traffic jams, I rushed back to school before the peak of the National Day return trip, in order to enjoy the quiet time of being alone.








"Hmm, the land is much more wild than my food, super cool. No food at home, what is the leeks?"

" specially bought chicken wings and fried chicken wings."

"Wow, good food."

"Who told you to celebrate the National Day? I want to eat whole vegetables more than you."


After, I don’t know how to answer. I was still struggling in those words that had slandered me, and I was afraid of losing my face and protecting my self-esteem. She had already thought of giving me a good meal and waiting for me to go home.

I don’t know how disappointing she was when she said that the National Day didn’t go back, but she was also a person who didn’t say it. She simply paused and said “oh”, and then knocked me to say that I didn’t know the road. It is dangerous for a girl to go out. I suggest that I go to the cousin on the winter vacation. I did not hesitate to refuse.

At the time, I thought that if I ran home, I wouldn’t be able to say it to her, look at it, say it, and it’s really inseparable from home. So I am proud of my self-esteem, even if I am not good. I just didn't expect her to remember her own children, and prepared a lot of things for me early.

My mom is not a person whose emotions are easy to reveal, and me too. She hid the sturdy and warm love into the hot food. Why didn't I find it earlier? The stubbornness of the child will not be able to withstand the love of the parents.

But I don’t regret that I didn’t go home on National Day, I saw dear people I haven’t seen for a long time, and I know more people who have been loving me silently. I got the best explanation for the word "cherish".